By Hervé Boinnard on 2019-04-09 23:32 in Marketing Team


  • Noreen Cesareo - Marketing Team Lead
  • Sandra Decoux - Team Member
  • Hervé Boinnard - Assistant Team Lead



  • “What is Joomla” video is now available in 18 languages! Thanks to all our Translators again!
  • Sandra Decoux & Brian Teeman to work on the next video: Joomla & Multilingual.


  • (article from Shaira) Several emails, and now edits are done. This article may be published on the JCM once it is back.

Case Studies

  • 3 contributions are still pending. Hervé to send another reminder next week.


  • A Web Agency in Dominican Republic offered to help with marketing for a few hours per week. Sandra is in contact with them.
  • Hervé replied to James Roderick, who offered to help the Marketing Team. The on-boarding process continues.


Meeting adjourned after 25 minutes.