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Media Manager status meeting

Monday 27th December 2016 on Google Hangouts

Time: 19:30 CEST

List of Attendees Overview







Allon Moritz (Lead)




Marco Dings




Yves Hoppe




David Neukirchen




Dawn Russell




Britta Stender


Ufuk Avcu


Dimitris Grammatiko


Jisse Reitsma


Other Attendees:



Agenda / Topics to cover

1. CMS Maintenance Team - Liaison role and person responsible

Allon got into touch with Thomas Hunziker to be the maintainer liaison.

Marco suggests having a substitute in the group (Robert Deutz and Tobias Zulauf). May check with the other two listed above to see if they can contribute in the case that Thomas becomes too busy.

2. Milestone Discussion

Discussion of the Milestone completion date

End February for Milestone 1 which includes:

  • Drag and Drop

  • Improve UI

  • Image Editing

  • SVG Support (optional)

There may be a chance to complete Milestone 2 for 3.8?

  • Move Images Folder to Media

Marco - “may be prudent to include Database Abstraction in the Joomla 3.8 release it would help making the process for migrating from 3.8 to 4 easier.”

3. Set up github (issues, pull requests, projects)

Projects for issues and pull requests summary

  • What to do with the existing issues?

    • Closing the existing issues as they are not anymore inline with the current roadmap.

4. Meetings

  • Virtual code sprint
    2.2. and 3.2. February

  • Scheduling recurrence
    Weekly meeting, Thursday 19:30 (CET)


5. UI Mockups

  • Deadline on 20. January - Dawn and Britta - David provided a tour of Angular File System and we discussed the way the it would integrate with editing features.

6. Status projects:

  • Drag & Drop Upload

    • No update

  • Reworked edit view (Photo editor)

    • No update

  • Effect / Action Plugins

    • Yves is defining the interfaces.

  • Reworked Listview and file browser

    • David showed a first implementation with github API.

  • Controller like Rest endpoints

    • Allon defined the endpoints for front end

    • Allon, Yves and David defined the JSON response

  • SVG support

    • No update

  • Remove iframe

    • No update

  • Adapt media form field

    • No update


7. Developer Topics:

  • Branches in repo, not on forks (better collaboration)

    • For the beginning in development phase branches im main repo. When more people are coming on board we will move to forks.

  • Legacy view

    • Marco is bringing this to the PLT

  • Vue.js integration

    • Marco is bringing this to the PLT

  • File name copy paste

    • Name can be “clipboard-201607161409.jpg”