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Thursday 5th January 2017 on Google Hangouts

Time: 19:30 CEST

List of Attendees Overview







Allon Moritz (Lead)




Marco Dings




Yves Hoppe




David Neukirchen




Dawn Russell




Britta Stender




Ufuk Avcu



Dimitris Grammatiko




Jisse Reitsma



Other Attendees:








Maintainer substitute



Closing existing issues



Organize virtual code sprint



Schedule recurring meeting



UI Mockups - Angular Integration

Britta - Dawn

Due Jan. 15th, 2017

Vue.js Report

David - Dimitris

Due Jan. 13th, 2017


General topics

Google Summer of Code 2017

Submit a proposal of cloud filesystems as plugins.


Yves: proposal should be tailored to volunteers that are skilled but not asked to do work that is overly complicated or architecturally based. Consensus is to choose something from Milestone 2.  Joomla 4 vs Joomla 3.8. Ask the student to fix all of the to-do’s in the code, one possibility. Over the next week, the team will review the milestones for Joomla 4, then next week bring to the meeting their ideas about what the highest priority items are. The proposal will be centered around this highest priority milestone. The roadmap for Joomla 4 is laid out here:


PLT vue.js feedback

  • Why - The PLT team has expressed concern about whether or not we should use this code and integrate it into the core. There is nervousness amongst the team because of the issues that have arisen from the dependencies created when Joomla moved into integrating Bootstrap 2. Draft a storyline / report that introduces Vue.js to the team, one that addresses the following ideas:

    • Why do we need it and what does it bring us in the new media manager?

    • Advantages - the code and its effect would be contained within the media manager. Would be uninstalled if you uninstalled the media component.

    • Are there knowledgeable people for maintenance over time?

    • Who will be responsible for handling maintenance of vue.js library?

    • Implication for usage all over core?

    • IE8 / Backwards Compatibility

David and Dimitris have agreed to formulate a document to address the reason why we should use vue.js. They have the most experience with the framework. Dimitris suggested that Custom Elements may become a goal for Joomla 4. This has not been approved, but is under discussion across teams. Vue.js would make the project much more easy to realize. Javascript would work, but vue.js would be a more streamlined and efficient tool for completing the job. This means that there is more opportunity for cross collaboration across projects.


Answer from NMM team

Status on projects:

  • Drag & Drop Upload - Dimitris

    • Copy paste filename issue

    • Dimitris made a live demo of drag and drop with the old media manager

    • Image to be provided

    • Where to drag and drop the files? In main preview area or on the left hand menu.

Jan-05-2017 21-44-58.gif

  • Reworked edit view with action plugins (Photo editor) - Yves

    • Wrote three plugins (PHP based) with live demo

      • Resize


      • Filter

      • Rotate

  • Reworked List view and file browser - David

    • David is doing a live demo with a first approach of vue 2 as list view

    • Removed the Right Click View

    • How will context menu appear? Click of a thumbnail or always present.

    • Thumbnails will have a preview and a lightbox upon double click.

    • Context menu will give you a pencil for editing, duplicate, delete, move.

    • There will be an edit view (same window, popup, redirect to a new page?)

    • Return the user to the page once the edit is completed if taken to another page?

    • Ability to edit within the category, contact, or intro or full article image space.

  • Controller like Rest endpoints - Allon

  • SVG support - Marco

    • No update

  • Remove iframe - Dimitris

    • Will happen naturally with the integration of vue.js in list view.

  • Adapt media form field - Allon

    • No update

Dev Topics: