By Allon Moritz on 2017-01-13 07:10 in New Media Manager Team

Thursday 12th January 2017 on Google Hangouts

Time: 19:30 CEST

List of Attendees Overview







Allon Moritz (Lead)




Marco Dings



Yves Hoppe




David Neukirchen




Dawn Russell




Britta Stender




Ufuk Avcu



Dimitris Grammatiko




Jisse Reitsma



Other Attendees:








Maintainer substitute



GsoC Ideas



Organize virtual code sprint



Image manipulation research



List view PR



PoC for batch processing trough plugin params after upload with resize



JS Resize



UI Mockups - Angular Integration

Britta - Dawn

Due Jan. 15th, 2017


General topics

Organize virtual code sprint

Sunday, 21.1.2017 after lunch around 14 pm.

Google Summer of Code 2017


  • Proposed by Allon:
    Cloud filesystems as plugins.

  • Proposed by Dimitris:
    If we decide to use the Javascript plugins, then summer of code could be used as an opportunity to implement these new plugins. (Dimitris)

    • Other Plugins Compatibility

      • JCE Editor (using a deprecated version of Tiny MCE)

      • ARK Editor (has inline editing on the frontend)

      • Tiny MCE

  • Proposed by Yves:
    Unit/system/integration/JS test

Feedback from Thomas (Maintainer’s Group)

  • Was asking if we should go with vue, then it will be probably something for J4

  • Get in touch with Chris about web services

    • Allon informed Chris

UX Research - File Manager tools and Image Editing


In order to design a new UI interface for the features being added to the Joomla! Media Manager, the UX team has decided to compile a document of comparable image handling features from some of the major online software applications including:

Features to Be Prioritized 1st for the UI Interface of Media Manager:

  • Drag and Drop

  • Rotate

  • Crop

  • Filter (Lightness)


Britta - needs direction. Doesn’t seem to be any PSD files of the backend as it stands now. Divide the tasks between Joomla 3.8 and Joomla 4. Plan should be that we need something for Joomla 3.8. What features are going to be added in 3.8. Bridge between the functionality and the elements we’re going to bring to light. Plugins needs an interface, is it going to be a button, etc?


Allon will meet with us to brief us to provide some boundaries around the design piece.

  • List View

  • Edit View

Dimitris: Need from UX team - Copy Paste with Ctrl V and Ctrl C - what is being used across different platforms. Do people need or use? Ctrl Save will be implemented into Joomla 4.


Feature Written by Dimitris: This would be very difficult to achieve in PHP. We need to figure out if we are going to use PHP or Javascript.

Status on projects:

  • Drag & Drop Upload - Dimitris

    • Started with vue mixin.

    • Needs some changes in api controller.

    • UI - can drag and drop to almost any place on the screen - wondering if we should include the ability to drag and drop on the file manager tree would be useful?

  • Reworked edit view with action plugins (Photo editor) - Yves

    • No update.

  • Reworked List view and file browser - David

    • No update. Had no time this week.

  • Controller like Rest endpoints - Allon

    • Made PR for process. We need decide which way to go. Made with plugin event.

  • SVG support - Marco

    • Dimitris made a pr 13499 for it to get feedback from JSST.

    • JSST is discussing it in the Glip group.

  • Remove iframe - Dimitris

    • Already removed it from list view.

  • Adapt media form field - Allon

    • No update, is on hold.

Dev Topics:

  • JS and/or PHP editing plugins need a final decision, possible ways:

    • PHP only

    • JS only with PHP batch (Dimitris, David)

    • PHP and JS (Yves, Allon)

No decision is done as Marco Dings is missing. David brought up the point to make it JS only and have plugin parameters which will be used when batch processing will be implemented on some point.


  • Drag and drop plain js or es5?
    All agree on plain JS in a mixin, so only the mixin needs to be changed later.

  • Plugin event onMediaProcess with file path or resource, see pr 76 and pr 77?
    Needs to be changed to trigger an event after the file upload is done.

  • Upload button?
    In Joomla toolbar.

  • Drag and drop upload format should it be base64 encoded?
    We leave it with base64 for the time being, when problems will happen, we will change it later.