By Allon Moritz on 2017-05-05 21:28 in New Media Manager Team

Thursday 4th May 2017 on Google Hangouts

Time: 19:30 CEST

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Allon Moritz (Lead)




Marco Dings



Yves Hoppe



David Neukirchen



Dawn Russell



Britta Stender




Dimitris Grammatiko




Ciaran Walsh



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General topics

JAB Milestone

David and me did set up a JAB milestone. Would like to discus them if it is realistic to get it done till JAB.


The following issues is a nice to have list for JAB, when the top ones are done:


GSoC update

Kasun is doing good work on the adapter plugins.

  • The local adapter is already converted into a plugin.

  • The adapters do now support copy and move operations.

Roadmap milestone1

The base for most of the features for milestone 1 is done. Till JAB we plan to finish them, see chapter before. If all goes well we plan to merge the milestone 1 branch into the 4.0-dev branch of the main repo around Joomla day Germany, where the core team will probably have a code sprint.

UX next steps meeting summary

We had a “Usability Test Objectives” meeting on the 20. April. Here is a short summary:

Usability test objectives were briefly discussed. Dawn is working on defining the test objectives along with a usability test plan which will be presented at the next meeting.


The team has decided to send out another questionnaire including some light usability questions, before the actual usability test will be run, in order to get some rough feedback and finalize the demo. The user group has not yet been defined, however, we are considering the attendees of the Sprint in London 2017.

Users for the final usability test will be selected with different skill levels from our 4 main persona groups; Developer, Integrator, Marketing, End User and perhaps others. Details will be defined in the screening process document.


The process will be very classic:

  1. Define Business Objectives and Pre-screener needs (In progress)

  2. Determine user task expectations (In progress)

  3. Create test scenarios and test plan (In progress)

  4. Confirm user task expectations (Awaiting #1+2+3)

  5. Create pre-test and post-test questionnaires (In progress)

  6. Create pre-screener (In progress)

  7. Find recruiter (Recruiting will be done by Dawn & Britta)

  8. Pre-recruit (Awaiting #6)

  9. Recruit users (Awaiting #8)

  10. Alpha test of the usability test (Awaiting #9)

  11. Adjust the tasks (Awaiting #10)

  12. Conduct test (pre-test questionnaire) (Awaiting #10)

  13. Conduct test (user uses site to complete tasks) (Awaiting #12)

  14. Conduct test (post-test questionnaire) (Awaiting #13)

  15. Test report (posted online) (Awaiting #14)

  16. Design recommendations and support follow-up (Awaiting #16)


Documents being worked on:


Usability test objectives
Dawn is working on these documents.

Usability test plan

Dawn is preparing a template containing all test information which can be used to match expectations on the team but also as a guideline for the moderators involved in the test.


Screening process document

Britta is working on defining the screening process.

Test scenarios

The team has discussed the direction of the test scenarios. Dawn and Britta will continue once a working demo is online.


Post satisfaction questionnaire

Britta is working on a document with some final questions for the users completing the test.


Moderator directions

A document with moderator directions and notes are being prepared by Britta. We will have to


Usability test notes

A document has been prepared for the moderators with fields and descriptions on how to log Quantitative and Qualitative data during the test. We are considering moving it from docs to a spreadsheet or maybe even set up a google form that the moderators can use for easy gathering of data for the report.