Continuing the work started by the Homepage Redesign Team, we will be redesigning the site template, refreshing our web presence.

Parent Team
Webmasters Team
Date Started
October 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started
e20b_jwc17_smile.jpg Michael Babker United States Team Leader Developer Oct 2016
85be_21192466_10159236127585641_6204864542620105572_n.jpg Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall United Kingdom Assistant Team Leader Oct 2016
Ciaran Walsh Ireland Member Developer Mar 2017
44f4_IMG_20171103_164743.png Sandra Decoux Saint Martin (French part) Member Design & Translations Oct 2016
2e64_Soren1square.jpg Soren Jensen Spain Member Advisor Oct 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
87a8_123_4.jpg Marc-Antoine Thevenet Saint Martin (French part) Member Translations Oct 2016 Dec 2016


Advises the team as it relates to the homepage redesign template's structure and methodology.

Design & Translations

Assists with design and translation related issues.


Ensures the template is well-coded and follows Joomla structures and best practices.


Advises on translation related matters.

No Reports have been posted yet.

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