By Sandra Decoux on 2017-04-06 17:12 in Marketing Product Release Management Team

The leaders of Joomla! 4 Marketing Team met to establish the Action Plan for the release.

Sandra Thevenet, Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall, Ufuk Avcu, Yves Hoppe

Timeline: End of year

  • Template : max end of July 2017
  • English Version: max mid November 2017 - Freeze of the English Version
  • -Rest ot the time until the stable release: translations.

J4 Landing page - Starting discussion

  • Landing Page will be a global promotion tool for Joomla, with a primary focus on J4 new features
  • One page layout
  • New template using BootStrap 4 (LTR and RTL) (question about CDN/global footer?)
  • The landing page will be used for the whole series - New features to add for minor releases
  • New landing page to publish on
  • 3.8 is just a refactor of J! 3.7 landing page (add the router)
  • No Landing page for J! 3.9 - just a blog post
  • J4 sprint/make it happen at JaB


  • Release Sponsors
  • Easy to update for each minor release

The list of members for the Joomla! 4 Marketing Team can be seen here

Next meeting

  • In 2 weeks
  • Topics: define main sections to display
  • Translation Process on Crowdin: live translation? (requires a subdomain)
  • Call for copywriters?