By Sandra Decoux on 2017-07-19 15:24 in Marketing Product Release Management Team

Some leaders of Joomla! 4 Marketing Team met to define the structure of the landing page.

Attendees: Sandra Thevenet & Ufuk Avcu

J4 Landing page

Timeline: December  2017

Target: Web integrators / Developers

One page layout


The landing page will be divided in 4 main sections

  • Hero Part (tagline/introduction/download)

  • Benefits (flexibility/free/SEO/Security/Multilingual/Target)

  • Our People & Numbers

  • Features  (ux/accessibility/developers)


We’ll have also below these 4 sections:

  • Release Partners

  • Translations


CDN Menu and Global footer will be kept.



  • As proposed by Philip Walton, Joomla! 4 minor releases will be associated with the name of a city, which can allow to market the release in a different way and involve more the JUGs and JoomlaDays.
    The proposal has been accepted by the team during an informal meeting.

  • Landing page will be developed on the repository.

  • Lili will be in charge of the design of the landing page. Sandra contacted her to see if she can provide a mock-up and create exclusive icons. Teasing campaign will be a declinaison of the LP design.

Meeting adjourned after 2 hours.