By Karen Dunne on 2019-12-03 17:29 in Resource Directory Team

JRD Status: 

  • 3 new approvals
  • Approvals total: 459


  • Discussion on whether to start the process for providers to verify their listing. Going to use Joomla core’s privacy suite tools for this process. Richard to head this up and will do so before we launch the redesign. Will notify providers with listings that are more than a year old. 
  • Mapping solution? Brian will reach out to Fabrik team, will consider Easy Social, and possibly asking Randy Carey or StackIdeas for a custom plugin. 
  • Could we consider sending analytic information to providers?

On the call:

  1. Brian
  2. Karen
  3. Richard
  4. Deb
  5. Zehn

Next meeting:

December 17, 2019: Topics will include listing verification process, revisit mapping solution, define criteria for team member, contributor;