By Private Profile 2636970a on 2016-02-13 00:00 in Resource Directory Team

Today was primarily a review session for progress on streamlining the website and cleanup load time issues and user experience issues. We also reviewed outstanding support and approval tickets

It included:

  1. Explore issue with GeoRadius search submitted by Brian Peat, thanks Brian for your input.
  2. Navigation has been audited, cleaned and tested.
  3. Maintenance and backup processes reviewed, all extension up to date.
  4. Continue cleaning up the translations and preparing for the launch of the JRD in Portugeuse
  5. New tasks assigned related to support tickets, updated content, communications and site development.

Thanks to everyone who attended this unscheduled session! (Dawn, Chris, Brian, and Ron)

We are recruiting volunteers to assist with styling the site, adding the tag features for expanded searchability, translations to additional languages, and to lead the next generation of JRD'ers, contact if you are interested.