By Dawn Russell on 2015-02-11 17:17 in Resource Directory Team

Today the Joomla Resources Directory Team met to discuss a number of agenda items including:

  1. Volunteers - we have a number of new applicants to join our team, how to integrate new members and projects that would compliment their skill sets. Members of our core team each took on an area of interest that they will over see and volunteers are being contacted to join these smaller working groups.
  2. Approvals Updates - we had a blast of new applications and support ticket responses after releasing our newsletter and Joomla Community magazine article.
  3. Translations - We have an interested volunteer who can translate the JRD into Persian. We are in the midst of translating the JRD into Portuguese and Spanish.
  4. Badges - The JRD is working on the final stages of coding badges so providers can proudly share that they have been approved by the Joomla Resources Directory on their website and digital media. 
  5. Plugin for Zoo with status - We currently use Zoo for our directory but there is no "status" column in the list of applicants. This is proving difficult for monitoring which listings have been responded to, updated, and/or denied. One of our team members is taking the lead on developing a plugin to add this "Status Column" to zoo.
  6. Georadius update - We are overhauling our search component to be more useful, quicker to load, more dynamic, and designed in a similar fashion to the extensions directory. The main developer on this project is moving to the United States next week, so it is on hold for the next few weeks.
  7. Motion to schedule our meetings for every two weeks - Now that we have launched the website and completed the first major push of applicants, we are breaking out into smaller sub-groups to get tasks done. Therefore, we will only be doing our main group meeting of core members every two weeks. This way, the intermediary week can be used to work on the site.