By Brian Mitchell on 2017-06-21 18:49 in Resource Directory Team

Joomla Resource Directory
Team Meeting
June 7, 2017
In attendance: Brian, Deb, Saeed

Meeting Schedule
Proposing that the meeting on the first Wednesday of the month be to discuss new business
The third Wednesday of the month would be a working session to address outstanding:
* Listing requests
* Website tickets (RS Tickets)
* Github issues
Team Members
In the last month or so there has been confusion with the Joomla Operations Team and other parties within the Joomla community regarding actual JRD team membership.

Proposing that we identify specific roles as follows.
Members regularly attend hangouts on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, providing advance notice if they are unable to attend.

Contributors are welcome to join regular meetings, but are non-voting for official items.

Brian will be updating the volunteers portal to reflect the relative participation of various communications for the trailing 12 months. He will also put together a communication letting former team members know what is happening and why...

The JRD will focus very deliberately on the following items in the next six months
(Q3 and Q4 2017)
1. Communications
   1. Regular meeting notes (team lead - Brian). Having the outside world know what we are working on will help with recruiting additional help AND let the Joomla community know of our plans for moving forward.
1. Volunteers
   1. “two-deep” philosophy for every role.  We need two members partnering on maintaining the site and addressing technical issues, two members in charge of applicant reviews, two members for marketing, etc. I think this will increase accountability and provide a fall back in the event a team member gets too busy with other responsibilities.
1. Listings
   1. We need to get these current.
   2. We are addressing that we have a 60+ day backlog
   3. There may be  support requests that are not routing properly. We are auditing everything in the onsite ticket system to be sure we are addressing any concerns that are coming in.
1. Github issues
   1. I addressed about 10 of these following on awkward discussion about the JRD from other Joomla webmasters on Glip. I did let them know that we are still a working project and that we have plans for improving things in the future.
1. Ticket System Issues
   1. See item 3.c above
1. Redevelopment of the Site
   1. Deb Cinkus has volunteered to lead writing the technical specification
   2. Soren has volunteered to lead development of a new custom component for the JRD. Saeed also has volunteered to help Soren in this regard.

Next Meeting - July 5
Given team member schedules and the listings backlog this will be a working session.

At the July 19 meeting Deb will begin our work on the technical specification for the new JRD component. (com_jrd?)

Respectfully submitted June 21, 2017
Brian Mitchell