By Private Profile c2c37887 on 2015-02-25 00:00 in Resource Directory Team

Today we met to review the progress on Badges for the Joomla Resources Directory, Portuguese translations, and sunsetting the archive.


We have recruited Arjen Schrijvers who is also working on the Certification Team for our badges working group. We've decided to go square with the design for the most flexibility. We're coordinating with Arjen so that the badges work across both platforms and are visually similar. The badge will work like this: The user is given an HTML snippet once approved on the JRD that they can paste into an article or module. Upon clicking on the badge, the click takes you to the directory to verify that they are really approved. Certification is valid and has not become outdated. Soren will reach out to Chiara to see if she wants to be involved as a member of the design team.

Group Vote:

If we are providing badges we discussed how to deal with listings over time so they are fresh and validated regularly. Our directory is different from the JED in that we don't have new versions forcing reviews to verify viability. For example, in two years, what if a Registered Provider doesn't work in Joomla anymore or they are no longer involved in the Community? To address this, every two years the JRD will do a major review to make sure listings are actively involved.



Ryan is actively rewriting the English content to be simpler and more tailored to usability. We will have a separate meeting with the translations team for the JRD to establish a workflow so people are not translating content that will be rewritten shortly. The translation team in on track for a Portuguese version of the JRD by the end of April.


Sunsetting the Archive:

At this point, we have released a blog, community newsletter article and two mailchimp newsletters requesting that old listers apply on the new JRD. We will move forward with the closing of the archived JRD in April.