By Karen Dunne on 2017-10-31 16:14 in Resource Directory Team

Meeting Minutes


  1. Process for submission review and approvals

  2. Meeting minutes review and approval

  3. Newsletter and methods of communications


Submission review


  • Stefan and Brian walked through the process for submission review and approvals on the backend


Regarding approval of meeting minutes:

  • Do we need to consider what constitutes a quorum? We currently have 5 members.

  • Deb had taken the lead on the technical specs, jrd set, field by field, etc. but Deb is not able to make this call today. Related to tech specs: tool set within Joomla community is moving to Maqma and Sobipro combination, replacing zoo and rs tickets.

  • Karen, Stefan and Brian approved the minutes from 17 Oct. 2017, although others on the team who were not in attendance are still welcome to comment.


Goal setting between meetings:

  • How many submissions could be reviewed and/or approved between meetings?

  • Discussion about how to sort through submissions that go as far back as March 2017.

  • 19 listings are awaiting review.

  • Goal = by next meeting (November 7), all 19 awaiting reviews will be completed by Stefan.


Brian will be attending World Conference.

  • Does the JRD have anything that they want to bring to the JWC?



What approach to take with the communications, which tools and through which venues?

  • Bare minimum is to post meeting minutes to

  • Do we want a separate feed for the website? Or use ACY Mailing?

  • Regarding draft newsletter that was written by Brian and reviewed by Rowan: Remove apology that we are behind, simply get caught up. Include follow up communication with those who have been waiting approval/review instead.

  • Consensus is to table the newsletter for now and focus on getting the process dialed in and get caught up. Not time or resources available to put effort into marketing communications when there is function and process needed. In fact, a marketing communication approach may not be the fit for the JRD, rather it may be that simply reporting what we are doing and how we are doing it may be the best fit for the JRD; most users of the JRD are only concerned with whether their listing is posted on the JRD.

  • The main concern regarding newsletter comes from the fact that the last post for the JRD news is dated January 2015. Decision was made to make the JRD news main menu item redirect to the volunteers portal reports so that it now shows that we met in June instead of 2015.


Upcoming meetings:

Nov. 7 and 21 (1st and 3rd Tue of the month)

On the call:

  1. Stefan

  2. Brian

  3. Karen


JRD Team Meeting - Tuesday, October 31, 2017 | notes taken by Karen Dunne