By Private Profile c2c37887 on 2015-04-01 18:04 in Resource Directory Team

Today we met to review the progress in translations, badge design and search design/output.


We decided as a group to work with Chiara as part of the Joomla design team to engineer the final design for the JRD badges. As such, the certification team was contacted so all badges for the Joomla community will have a consistancy while also being distinct. This means we won't have badges as promised for the April 1st deadline, however, we are moving forward towards implementing them.

Redesigned Interface to be consistant with the JED:

As we began to add CSS to create stylistic consistancy with the JED, we found that the core Joomla template has been modified to create the variations in background colors and arrows that you see around the search. We've contacted the JED to request a copy of their template files and plan to test the PHP modifications to the template. If they are good, clean code, we plan to commit them to GIT for review so all Joomla sites will share a design consistancy. This has also slowed our process for launching by April 1st the newly updated search functionality with a georadius feature and the language translation.

Translation to Portuguese:

As such, the JRD is now 95% done with translating it's core content into Portuguese and we are ready to go live with it after final testing and template stabilization.