By Karen Dunne on 2019-03-05 16:26 in Resource Directory Team

JRD Listing Status: February 19 – March 5, 2019

  • Approvals total: 438 - none new
  • Feb 26: WardrobeShop - an online store that sells Vintage Inspired Clothing, romantic rustic dresses and accessories - totally unrelated to Joomla. REJECTED
  • Mar 4: Wolkenfutter - no community involvement: Sent back to them for additional information.

Main Topic of Discussion: StoryBrand content development 

  • (Used Zoom recorded meeting)
  • Discussed the aspirational identity of a JRD user - how will using the JRD and engaging with a provider make the user’s life better. What feeling state miht they be in before using the JRD and ultimately a provider and what might their life look like after gaining a Joomla resource. User goes from frustrated, worried, distracted from their core business, overwhelmed and needs help to relieved, supported, confident, less stressed, in control, feel secure because the jrd resource exists and they have access to resources that can be a tight fit for their website needs. 
  • Will develop content to guide the user on how to pick a good provider  

Daylight Savings Time Change

  • Meeting will stay on same UTC time as usual. 

On the call:

  • Karen
  • Brian
  • Deb
  • Richard

Upcoming meeting:

  • March 19, 2019 - regular team meeting

notes taken by Karen Dunne