By Tobias Zulauf on 2020-11-20 23:37 in Security Strike Team

Time: Tuesday, 03th of November 2020, 5pm UTC - 6pm UTC
Attendees: David Jardin, Tobias Zulauf

We have been accepted as CNA by MITRE and prepared a Press Release that is currently pending and waiting for approval from MITRE.

JSST / Webmasters Cooperation Process
The JSST and the Webmasters now formally wrote down the Cooperation Process between the two teams. Nothing is changing in terms of what we do but it is now written down and documented. Now we are awaiting the Webmasters Team and Operation DCs formal approval.

Security.txt Updates
The JSST is going to update the published security.txt file together with the webmasters team adding a “Hiring“ tag and fixing the “Contact” that was missing the mailto to comply with the security.txt standard.

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