By David Jardin on 2017-02-21 10:14 in Security Strike Team

Standard Operating Procedures: The current draft of the procedures is on a good way, but still some important sections are missing: Team scope (David) CVE process (David) Onboarding (Yves) Offboarding (Yves) GPG key gets compromised (Phil) Once we have those sections, we can improve and approve the document at the next meeting. Afterwards, we can discuss where to archive and version the document. Pro-active review of new 3.7 features: David will create a doc with a list of files from com_fields and com_associations. All JSST members are invited to grab a bunch of files and do a pro-active review if some spare time is available. Assistant Team Lead: In the current team situation, no volunteers for an assistant team lead are found. Therefore, we are moving this topic until we have some new, active members on the team. Trimming the team to active contributors only: David will ping the team members and ask for feedback on their current and future position in the team.