The tasks of the Joomla!-SEO (alias: JOT) team are:

  • to support the Joomla! project in ensuring that the official websites we own and manage are properly optimised

  • to assist with identifying existing problems and developing strategies for addressing them

  • to monitor relevant SEO metrics

  • to support teams with planning new web-based projects, migrations and campaigns

  • to provide guidance in SEO-related matters relevant to the Joomla! CMS and its properties
Date Started
April 2016
Joomler Position Role Date Started Eric Lamy France Team Leader Mar 2020 Yannick Gaultier Member Member Jan 2021
Joomler Position Role Date Started Date Ended
Christopher Wagner Member Member Jan 2021 Aug 2022
Private Profile 9ad3e0f0 Assistant Team Leader Sep 2016 Mar 2020
Soren Jensen Member Apr 2016 Mar 2020
Private Profile 6a598949 Member Sep 2017 Mar 2020
Christopher Wagner Team Leader May 2016 Mar 2020
Private Profile 529fa1a1 Member Dec 2016 Apr 2017
Private Profile 01c55cab Member May 2016 Mar 2017
Private Profile 7c6af355 Member May 2016 Jan 2017 Ruth Cheesley United Kingdom Member Apr 2016 Jul 2016


Contributors help the team on an adhoc basis. All new members are contributors initially

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SEO Team 2021-01-29 Meeting

By Eric Lamy on 2021-01-29 17:00 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

Participants:  Yannick Gaultier, Philippe Gros-Meyer, Eric Lamy, Marianela Queme, Christopher Wagner- Skype meeting  1.Intro At our last meeting we said that the analysis of key words depends on the definition of the personaes. This is the reason for the...

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SEO Team 1st 2021 Meeting

By Eric Lamy on 2021-01-09 05:46 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

Participants: Christopher Wagner, Eric Lamy, Yannick Gaultier - Skype meeting - notes reported by Yannick 1. Intro Participants introduces themselves. Eric is team lead for team SEO. Yannick is developer of sh404SEF and wbAMP SEO extensions. Christopher is a professional SEO. 2....

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London Super Sprint Report

By Private Profile 9ad3e0f0 on 2017-01-26 20:36 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

OVERVIEW The Optimisation Team were a part of the Super Sprint in London from the 21-23rd January 2017.   Attending were Christopher Wagner, Simon Kloostra, Soren Beck-Jensen and Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall.   We would like to thank everyone involved for the well organized and...

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Minutes of the SEO Team meeting 25th May 2016

By Ruth Cheesley on 2016-05-25 17:22 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

Attendees Ruth Cheesley, Andrés Maeso Broncano, Chris Wagner Apologies Mike Veeckmans, Elisa Foltyn, Soren Beck-Jensen Topics to discuss: Sites of interest Ruth has compiled a list of sites that we need to focus on which have public-facing assets.  The team will check the...

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Minutes of the first meeting of the SEO Team - 20th May 2016

By Ruth Cheesley on 2016-05-20 00:00 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

Today the SEO team had its first meeting at JAB Barcelona. Attendees: Ruth Cheesley, Soren Beck-Jensen, Andrés Maeso Broncano We discussed the vision for the team being: To support the Joomla project in ensuring that the official websites we own and manage are properly...

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