By Eric Lamy on 2021-01-09 05:46 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

Participants: Christopher Wagner, Eric Lamy, Yannick Gaultier - Skype meeting - notes reported by Yannick

1. Intro

Participants introduces themselves. Eric is team lead for team SEO. Yannick is developer of sh404SEF and wbAMP SEO extensions. Christopher is a professional SEO.

2. Discussion

Christopher shares link to a task list on Google Drive (link added to SEO Team Glipe channel), which is then discussed

  • Keyword analysis: start with defining personaes. Trying to reach out to end user is not the same as talking to web developers or integrators
  • Main idea: create landing pages based on keyword analysis
  • Market analysis: should keyword research include geographic considerations?
  • We should have a list of J! properties and decide/know which one should be worked on. For instance, Documentation site has great deal of valuable content but is not structured at all (siloing, ease of navigation), wiki not a good fit in the way it's currently used at a least.
  • URL structure (re /category vs /category/): YG -> not an issue, search engines do not use this to distinguish between item and list of items
  • Joomla 4 template analysis: need for feedback on SEO for the default Joomla 4 template

3. Next steps

  • Yannick: Get in touch with Puneet Kala / the Joomla GSOC team to discuss an SEO-oriented GSOC project (GSoC 2020 — Joomla! Documentation)
  • Eric: ask webmasters team for J! web properties overview/map + contact person for each property when possible
  • Chris: Starts keyword analysis

4 - Next meeting

Jan 22, 2pm, skype

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