By Eric Lamy on 2021-01-29 17:00 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

Participants:  Yannick GaultierPhilippe Gros-MeyerEric Lamy, Marianela QuemeChristopher Wagner- Skype meeting 


At our last meeting we said that the analysis of key words depends on the definition of the personaes. This is the reason for the presence of members of the marketing team at this meeting.

2. Discussion

Philippe being new to the Joomla project, we started with a round table discussion so that we could introduce ourselves to him and he could give us his profile. Philippe is a product manager/owner with a background in marketing.

During the last session we had thought about the different SEO options available to us and this week we decided to prioritize the work on the Joomla web properties SEO rather than the CMS SEO improvement. At the end of the year we will propose a GSOC work on this subject, Yannick having had a discussion with Philipp Walton on this subject. Marianela proposes to involve the production team and webmaster in this work. 

On the work of the personaes necessary for the SEO action, we have thought about a first list and the different parameters/options to differentiate them:

  • Enduser student
  • Agency (type, size?, other parameters)
  • Enduser Non profit
  • Individual enduser
  • Enduser business (don't care about CMS, not connected to internal system)
  • Enduser Business (larger, has internal systems, connected to the website)

Geographical targeting can also be a parameter

Use: Blog, E-Commerce, Public relation

Philippe is going to work on the list of personaes and he will share his work with us on Glip. Christopher has already shared a preliminary spreadsheet on the list of persoanes (in the Glip SEO team chat)

To save a precious time and in order to not make our own list unnecessarily, we think we should use the list of personaes drawn up by the marketing department in preparation for the upcoming release of Joomla 4. Philippe, who has just joined the marketing team, tells us that work on this subject has just started within the Marketing group and that it will take some time.

Marianela gives us the current state of the marketing strategy:

  • main group: Businesses small, medium, large
  • Non profits
  • Agencies
  • Younger people/ students

3. Action items

  • Philippe and Christopher will work on Personaes list /in sync with Marianela

4. Next meeting

Friday 02/12 PM (1PM UTC)