By Private Profile 0adfdec2 on 2016-05-20 00:00 in Joomla! Optimisation Team

Today the SEO team had its first meeting at JAB Barcelona.

Attendees: Ruth Cheesley, Soren Beck-Jensen, Andrés Maeso Broncano

We discussed the vision for the team being:

  • To support the Joomla project in ensuring that the official websites we own and manage are properly optimised
  • To assist with identifying existing problems and developing strategies for addressing them
  • To monitor relevant SEO metrics
  • To support teams with planning new web-based projects, migrations and campaigns
  • To provide guidance in SEO-related matters relevant to the Joomla CMS

There are a lot of subdomains and sites which are currently not being actively monitored in terms of the search engine optimisation.  As a starting point, the team will:

  1. Identify all sites of interest (official project sites which have a public-facing presence)
  2. Identify what monitoring is currently in place and ensure that it is properly implemented
  3. Establish a set of metrics which are of interest in auditing
  4. Identify tools that could be used to audit the sites
  5. Commence audits on sites of interest
  6. Identify tasks which need to be completed (identified in audits)
  7. Build team and share tasks amongst the team members
  8. Communicate with team responsible for sites what issues have been identified, provide feedback and suggestions for how to improve the sites,where appropriate giving assistance in implementing
  9. Conduct keyword research project/s

It is anticipated that the team will initially be involved in identify and assisting with the resolution of problems, however in the longer-term that it will be a resource which teams can access at any stage of a project for advice, guidance and technical support.  It is also expected that the team will be able to support the Production Leadership Team in the case of any pull requests which have an impact on SEO.