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Ruth Cheesley, Andrés Maeso Broncano, Chris Wagner


Mike Veeckmans, Elisa Foltyn, Soren Beck-Jensen

Topics to discuss:

  1. Sites of interest

    1. Ruth has compiled a list of sites that we need to focus on which have public-facing assets.  The team will check the annotations to ensure they are all of interest, and will prioritise which need attention

    2. Ruth to prepare contact list for team lead of each domain to act as a point of communication

  2. Discussion on what metrics will be measured and what we are interested in.  This is just a starter for ten, it will probably change as we start conducting audits and reviewing the tools we will be using.

    1. For audit

      1. Indexed pages

        1. Volume

        2. What pages

      2. Errors

      3. Backlinks

        1. Per page

        2. Domain/s

        3. Anchor text

      4. Optimisation problems

      5. Robots problems

      6. On page issues

        1. HTML structure

        2. Syntax

        3. Etc…

      7. Internal link structure

      8. Sitemaps

      9. Performance

        1. Load time

        2. Relevant metrics

      10. Analytics

        1. Bounce rate

        2. Time on site

        3. Pages per visit

        4. Relevant metrics

        5. Annotations!

      11. Keyword research

        1. Develop a set of templates for providing community members with to carry out research - Ruth explained the new structure and how team members and contributors would be organised.

        2. Establish keyword sets in different languages/countries via contributors

        3. Create training videos/tutorials to support contributors in helping the team conduct research

    2. For ongoing research/monitoring

      1. This will mostly come out of what we find from the audit.

      2. May well need some custom work to implement the kind of data collection we will be needing.

  3. Tools

    1. Sistrix - potential option to use the tool for Joomla, Chris is having a talk on Friday and will report back on our options

    2. Manhattan-Tool - Instant API: Nils Haack is getting back to Chris about usage of resources. Metrics / keywords would have to be found and then monitored on a daily or larger period basis.

    3. SEM-Tool - for keyword research. Chris to talk to Nils Haack about this.

    4. LinkResearchTools - Ruth to talk to Christoph Cemper about the possibility of using their Agency account.

    5. Majestic - Andres has contacts via one of their tools and will follow up to see if we might be able to get some kind of access.

  4. Problems with analytics profiles

    1. Discussion on subdomains loading analytics tracking code in addition to their own

    2. Team discussed options of loading one profile and using cross-domain tracking versus each domain having its own tracking

    3. Decided it’s not relevant to have a single profile with all oversight on subdomains (it always gets sampled, and we can query the API to get the information if needed)

    4. Action: Request removal of the tracking property from all hosts currently loading it, ensure they are only loading their own subdomain, ideally via GTM - Ruth to identify contacts and action.

Action points:


  1. Review subdomains and set order of priority for auditing

  2. Touch-base with teams to ensure they know what we’re doing

  3. Follow up on tools to be used & test environments for auditing/crawling

  4. Resolve Analytics problems