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  • The Optimisation Team were a part of the Super Sprint in London from the 21-23rd January 2017.  
  • Attending were Christopher Wagner, Simon Kloostra, Soren Beck-Jensen and Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall.  
  • We would like to thank everyone involved for the well organized and disciplined work atmosphere!


  • Our initial session was formed of introductions and a high level overview discussion of our aims as a team.  

  • Rowan introduced us to a list of project properties and we discussed all of them briefly in order to help prioritise them.


  • During our initial discussion it became clear that Soren’s talents could be best used reviewing and improving our revenue streams from advertising and this became his main focus for the weekend.  

  • Soren has signed the necessary paperwork, joined the Capital Team and has been given access to our advertising servers in order to audit the current status quo and make recommendations for the future.  

  • If you are a webmaster of a Joomla! Property and Soren hasn’t contacted you yet, or if you would be interested in becoming an advertiser on our properties, please reach out to him.

  • Something we realised over the weekend is that 40% of our visitors are using adblockers.  

  • If you use an adblocker, please consider turning them off whilst you are on project properties, the revenue we receive from them helps to keep the project going.


  • During our discussion it became very clear that should be our main point of focus over the weekend.  

  • The JED is one of our most important assets and exists to serve some of our most important community members.

  • We were in a meeting room next to the JED team which made choosing this as our focus even more advantageous and productive.

  • We also agreed that whilst working through the JED we would begin to product a template/manual that will serve as a reproducible short list for optimizing our web properties in the future.

  • Many issue with the JED were fixed during the weekend, with others being worked on in the coming weeks.

  • We expect to see an improvement both in search engine listings and user experience quite quickly as a result.


  • We also discovered some examples for odd j:router behaviour have been provided to the development team to fix these issues to have a bijective (one-to-one) URL structure in Joomla! in the future.  

  • The team as a whole will assist in providing cases for testing and adoption.


  • Christopher will continue to concentrate solely on the remaining work on the JED

  • Simon and Rowan will start to review the other properties and will be contacting property webmaster owners shortly with their findings with a view to starting to work with them to correct any issues found.