By Hans van der Meer on 2020-01-27 17:00 in Social Media Team

Our first meeting in person with most of our team members in a long while took place just befor the Forum for the Future in Marbella, Spain.

Attendees: Alison Meeks, Hans van der Meer, Ed Hathaway, Sandra Decoux, Eric Lamy, Brian Teeman

Team promotions

Remind all teams we can promote them and ask for what information about their tasks they would like us to share. We can promote a team per month with a few posts. If no input is shared with us we will make a generic post. Some new specific images for those posts have to be created.

Example of a team working well with Social Media Team is the Certification team. Several times per month they provide images (using the templates) and text/tags/link they wish to use for the post.

Marketing / Social Media Team (SMT) should be the showcase on how a team can work together and get things done.

Joomla Magazine

Eric shared an idea we can have a volunteer, Joomla User Group (JUG) etcetera of the month to promote in each edition.

Social Media

Twitter is asking to use a local language. We can start doing posts in multiple languages again to be sure we get noticed and not that because of this language option we are less visible.

We are already trying to promote JUGs on our social channels. A stock image for those can be useful. We are encouraging JUGs to post their meetings and topics on the Events page. SMT has created graphics to use to promote JUGs often posting. (so we don't have to create a new image every few weeks). New active groups can submit a PNG-image of their logo to be used on their promo graphic.

JSocialAccess or JConnect (name to be refined) - an easier access for to the SMT for community that may not be on Glip (even on Glip we often don’t get many details to make a post). Form would prompt user for all information needed including sample post content, who, what, when, where, contact details, a logo if required (and what format to send it) etc. If contact is for an event the user will be contacted to add the event to events at There was a comment this was already on the site but have never heard of it. Research and refining required.


Marketing resources are available for translation in local languages, also images. Making presentations (resources) from JUGs (slides and/or videos) available somewhere on our platform so other JUGs can use these. Those resources for JUGs can be tagged in languages and/or topics. Every resource can be translated into English for easier translating into other local languages. An example of this is French JUGs are helping in Africa organizing local JUGs since the same language is spoken. It is a relatively easy help.

We should reconnect with community translation teams in countries who have not been translated in awhile. This way we can try to have more languages available on our resources.

We could add a link in the menu to the training videos which are lacking now. The training videos on are created by a 3rd-party. New “not Joomla official” training videos are being created by Joomla community members. Also JUGs are sharing their group videos on various topics. The list on YouTube will need to be updated.

Questions on marketing

We should promote the power of Joomla!
"With Joomla you can build websites in any language"
"Joomla 4, making the web accessible"
Security is a priority
“You’ve tried the rest now try the best! J4”

Joomla 4 Launch party - map of locations - create a buzz. It has been on the Marketing strategy for the past 2 years pending the imminent release of Joomla 4. In the lead up time to the actual release this needs to be worked on and finalized.

Giovanni submitted a suggestion several months ago suggesting a Pizza, Bugs & Fun type of event to do a big bug squashing party to also gain awareness of the new release, get people testing and used to the interface.
Talked about sharing funny - more social. Engage more.
Make Social Media easy to share.

Also perhaps posting from a personal account and share on Official channels to share people are using Joomla. We need showcases/examples for this. Also, we don't communicate outside our own community so we don't reach new people.

Three case studies are available on Unfortunately, we don't have any new ones. Encourage case studies. Make new pics for Showcase to freshen up posts.

Discussion on sending J stickers and materials to JUGs or users. Brian talked about how WordPress sends sheets of stickers and sometimes collections from various events. On a more affordable level sending just a few stickers with a brochure would be doable and not break the bank. Currently accessing stickers isn’t easy and when we have people wanting to promote Joomla on their devices we should be happy to send it to them. 

We should prepare Social Media posts for the Joomla 4 launch.

CloudAccess provided a designer to help with a new template last summer. It got part way done but other sizes (blog post for instance) and formats need to be completed. Sandra spoke with Lili at the event who offered to help. We plan to have her help complete this to be used for the balance of 3.9 messages for a new updated look. Joomla 4 will use its own styling of template for posts.


Question is asked, is the team waiting for the release of Joomla 4? Creating correct questions for Joomla 3 took a long time. Is the certification preparing for Joomla 4 and can we promote that now?

Creating a blogpost about how being certified can help create more business?

Lesson learned on subteams. Having a lot of subteams doesn't help get new volunteers because people can think there are already enough people in there. SMT suggests that all team leads take a moment to review the status of their volunteers listed on the portal and list only current active participants to show an actual reflection of team participation. Also, to please review the Volunteers portal to ensure any calls for volunteers list specific skill requirements.  


As always we are in need of more volunteers. We should emphasize on giving skills required for the specific open roles. Just posting Help wanted isn't enough. Alison has invited Vikas of Volunteer Engagement Team to submit text for posts on specific roles with these details. SMT will do graphics or they can use the template. 

When the Joomla magazine is live again it can also have an article on volunteers wanted for a specific role. 


  • Brandit. Ask how we can promote domains on Hopefully reviewing the contract will allow us better clarity of the requirements and message to send out.
  • Eric to provide current access to Partner/Sponsor lists to ensure we are listing on Jorg and thanking them.