By Alison Meeks on 2020-02-18 16:33 in Social Media Team

Just stopping in with a quick update on what is going on with the SMT since the last report. (Thanks Hans for posting the report.) 

Beyond our usual daily activities we have these changes; 

  • Giovanni is working with Mike Brander and the Documentation Translation Team (JDT)on their Twitter account to help get more posts out. Giovanni is in both the JDT as well as SMT. 
  • Giovanni is also going to be working with Davide on the Pintrest account. 
  • Ed Hathaway is helping me with scheduling event notifications while I pick up the events from the community portal and create the graphics.

It is important to have cross training so we all are able to jump in and help out each other as needed. Social happens every day and we are all keeping our eye out for questions, comments, and sadly spam happens too and must be dealt with. 

Also, and as mentioned in the previous report, we are working with Liliana Espinosa Zamora on a new set of templates started last year. We are so grateful for her help on this and look forward to bringing a fresh look to our graphics.

Have a great day!