By Alison Meeks on 2020-08-23 15:59 in Social Media Team

SMT Dancing As Fast As We Can

It's been busy times in the SMT. 

In June Davide officially stepped away from the team. We wish him all the very best in his new role as Team Leader for Joomla! Volunteer Engagement Team. He is also on several other teams. Thank you for all your help. It is a pleasure to work with you. 

In July Ed Hathaway resigned abruptly leaving Joomla totally. Ed ran our Joomlers account but could be counted on to step up and take care of any other posts that needed to be done. I've been filling in Joomlers since but having someone focused on it would be best. He is missed.

Aside from all our usual recent posts and since our last report we supported the J&Beyond event social promos, PBF, J Birthday and the semi-anual Thank You campaign to acknowledge the support of our partners and sponsors. This year we also included our Extension Partners. New graphics were made for all. Our budget was also submitted during this time. 

Beyond SMT our team members are also involved in other Joomla activities beyond their own personal lives. All team members either run their own businesses or work full time.

My #1 - Assistant Team Lead Hans manages the daily posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and is also involved in Community Magazine Team, Marketing Local Community Liaison, Certification Exam Translations Team, and Community Translation Team.  

Sandra who is noted as a member is also our ex-Marketing DC and has that wealth of knowledge for our team. She manages our Instagram account, does graphics, suggests post concepts and so much more. She is also involved still in other areas Community Magazine Team, Creative Director for Community Magazine Team, PBF Organization Working Group, Community Translation Team, Documentation Team, Marketing Team (advisor / knowledge sharing), and Privacy Compliance Team.   

Giovanni is also a member managing our Pinterest account but is also a translator on Documentation Translation Team and involved in his local JUG. 

Patrick Jackson has just this weekend joined the team after a shout out for help. He is also on other teams.  

I'm team lead and work with Hans on the core accounts, sharing posts to various FB groups (that isn't automated in any way), filling in on the Joomlers Twitter account, various social administration tasks, graphics and write copy (we all write copy), manage special posts for events, thank you campaigns etc. I'm also on the Marketing team (as are Hans and Sandra) to track what is coming to social and provide input. You will also find me in the FB Joomla No Spam group where I admin there and a few other groups.   

Meetings: We meet daily in our group and are in constant communication about what is going on and how best to get the message out. We also attend meeting in various teams we are involved with. 

Why did I break this all down. Surely we are not the only team with hard workers. Of course not! There are a huge number of hard workers giving crazy amounts of time to the project. 

Recently the Contact the SMT group had a discussion about a Twitter Dev account that was not being used and why was SMT not managing it. You will find in the history of SMT on the Jdocs wiki that even back in 2011, prior to any of my team becoming involved, it's existance was listed as "Official Accounts Run by Other Parts of the Joomla Project". That account has never been part of our task load. When Sandra was DC and also on way more teams, that account was part of the work for that other department. That was handed off when she left that department. 

Next time you are coming down heavy remember we are all "dancing as fast as we can".