By Hans van der Meer on 2020-12-28 16:05 in Social Media Team

The end of 2020 is close by so here is a small review on how we from the Social Media Team look back at this year.

Team members

We had to say goodbye to two team members this year and welcomed a new contributor.

Davide took the role of Team Lead of the Joomla Volunteer Engagement Team on his shoulders and decided that it was best served to concentrate his effort there. Grazie mille for your time in our team Davide! Then later this year Ed announced that he was out of Joomla. We were sad to see him leave this out of the blue but wish him all the best!

And in November Robert joined our team. Robert will help us write new content we can share in our posts and also help in our graphics.

Forum for the Future

Our SMT was almost fully present in Malaga in January this year, sadly Giovanni couldn't make it. Next to the purpose of this event it was good to finally meet each other in person and not only online. To me it also showed, again, that IRL meetings are not only good to work together but also to get to know each other and get to learn our team members.

Big break up

Okay, that’s not exactly true but there was a “change in management” this year. After six years Alison decided to step down as Team Lead and take up the role as Team Member again and I ran for TL and was chosen unanimously.

The global pandemic

The year 2020 will probably go down in history as the year of COVID19. I’m glad all of our team members got through this pandemic well so far. Also it really didn’t affect our volunteer work even with lock down’s in place at certain team members locations.

Current status

The flow of posts by our team still are being made on our social channels. And since the reboot of the Joomla Magazine we have also shared all of their articles. The Thank You posts to our partners/sponsors have also been made.

Finally, the end

I would like to thank everyone that has been involved volunteering in our project this year. Our team surely did our effort this year (as every year) and we are hoping the future will be bright. And please, do participe on any level you wish to help in the Joomla project.