By Hans van der Meer on 2022-03-19 11:38 in Social Media Team

Goodbye, not farewell

The major part of our current Social Media Team, three of the four members, have been working together for a few years now. In those years we’ve shared some ups and some downs. Not only in our Joomla adventure but also in our private lives. And in those last few years our team always had each other's back, because like I wrote before, next to the Joomla life happens, also personal life happens.

Sometimes one member couldn’t do the job for a (short) while and the rest took over, like Joomler colleagues and also friends do. Friends, yes. When I can speak for myself we got to know each other in the last few years and we had the luck to actually meet in real life. With hard work next to each other and not meeting on a monitor, that’s different but gives a much deeper connection.

For various reasons Alison, Sandra and me (Hans) have chosen to resign from our Social Media Team roles. It’s awkward announcing it in our team, to our Department Coordinator and now to the Joomla world. But it also gives opportunities, since the Social Media Team now needs new members! So… Are you interested in joining the beloved Social Media Team, just write an e-mail to

There is no hard date yet when we sign off, let's hope we can welcome our new volunteers before that!