By Sigrid Suski on 2016-11-25 10:28 in Social Media Team

A Social Media Team Meeting was held on 17 November 2016. In attendance were Sigrid Suski, Alison Meeks, Mike Veeckmans, Radek Suski and Sandra Thevenet.


Sigrid Suski was unanimously selected as the team lead. Everyone agreed on Alison Meeks to be the assistant team lead.


Everybody agreed that the automatic tweets sent out from the websites itself should be turned off.


We need more copywriters for creating posts and collect them in Joomla drive (for all social media channels). From that collection we will send out posts on a regular basis and reuse them over a longer period. Sandra will start with creating images for it.


We agreed to share about Joomla! events more regularly. Sandra will create images for sharing them. We are going to use more hashtags on Twitter. On the Facebook fan page also articles from the Spanish JCM should be shared (again).


We need a contributor for maintaining Instagram and will do a call. We also need another imagery set for this specific channel.


We checked all available Twitter and Facebook accounts and decided to merge or dissolve some of them.


For JWC 2017, the JWC team should specify someone for sharing on official Social Media channels several months before the event starts. He will get an introduction to our sharing rules.