By Sigrid Suski on 2017-05-15 17:19 in Social Media Team

Attendees: Sigrid Suski, Sandra Thevenet, Radek Suski, Alison Meeks, Hans van der Meer (later, excused)

The following topics were discussed:

1. Adapting our rules of posting events on Joomla's social media


In the past weeks we posted some upcoming talks of JaB on the Joomla FB fan page and on Twitter. The reason for this was to get more attraction to Joomla and its contributing people (speakers)  for the second big Joomla event. Due to the short time frame the frequency was too high.

Because of that, the Events Department coordinator ordered us to handle all events (JaB, JWC and Joomladays) equally. 

We discussed this and came to the conclusion that the two global Joomla! events (JaB and JWC) should be promoted in a more prominent way, as they can bring money to the project. Additionally we do not have the necessary information for Joomladays, and seeking for them will fail or can’t be done in fairness for all Joomladays due to language barriers.

We adapted our rules as follows:

a) We do post talks of the major Joomla! events, but with less frequency. There will be a SMT liason in the organisation teams of these events. The organisation teams are responsible for providing the liason with the necessary information in time.
We don't post talks of Joomladays, but we will post information they share with us. 

b) In the past we posted all Joomladays which are entered in the events directory 4 weeks before the event took place. We change this rule now. All Joomladays, will be posted once the event was added to the events directory (The Events Department is responsible for providing us with this information), 4 weeks before the event takes place and one week before the event takes place. On Twitter the event will be posted once every week starting 4 weeks upfront.

c) We will post about an event while it takes place, if the event’s organisation team is providing us with information (pictures, copywrites, links). It is not the duty of the SMT to search the Internet for information as this cannot be done in fairness for all events due to language barriers. The Events Department will inform event organisers about the possibility to get their event promoted on Joomla’s social media channels and what they need to do for that.

Additionally we agreed on the following:

- Radek will be the liason to JaB. Sandra and Alison will be the liason to JWC.

- We will have a meeting during JaB to prepare plans on how to promote all Joomla properties and make a list with different topics to post. We will also discuss a ‚Did you know‘ campaign and a campaign to talk about our official partners, sponsors as well as all the 3rd party developers who gave us lifetime subscriptions.

- There is a more or less inactive FB group 'JUG Organisers‘. We are going to revive the group, open it to Joomladay organisers too, and help the organisers promoting their events by posting information on how this can be done. We will send an email to all JUG and Joomladay organisers asking them to join the group (if not already done). 

2. Posting articles of the magazine, news and blogs of Joomla! sites on social media

Posts of magazine articles and of other Joomla! news and blog articles, mostly contain only a repeat of the title of the article. To improve that in future, the responsible teams, respective departments have to give us the copywriting to post along with the link to the article. This is no new rule, but we will be more adament now by repeately ask the responsive department coordinators for the necessary information. If we do not get a copywriting in time, we will use the first paragraph of the article to post along with the link. On Twitter we try to rephrase the title using parts of the first paragraph.

3. Posting Calls for team members on Joomla’s social media

To post a call for team members, it is necessary that the corresponding team resp. the responsible department informs us of that call including the link, image if not in the article and copywriting of it. We will post this article once a week until the corresponding team resp. the responsible department informs us that new members were found.

Items to be brought to other departments by our department coordinator:
  • Inform Events Department that we declined handling all Joomla! events equally. Refer to our meeting report from 15 May 17
  • The Events Team should inform the SMT about each new approved Joomladay so we can post an initial post about it (can be done by an automatic email).
  • The Events Team needs to inform the organisers about the possibility to get their event shared on Joomla’s social media and what they need to do (can be an information in the approval email).
  • To write an information email to all JUG and Joomladay organisers, we need their email addresses. The admin of cjo should get them out of the events and JUG directories.
  • Remind all department coordinators that we need to be informed of new articles (news, blog) on the Joomla sites along with copywriting and images (if not already in the article) in order to spread them over Joomla’s social media channels.
  • Tell all department coordinators that if they are looking for new team members, they need to inform us, so we can share it, and important to tell us if they have found their new members, as we are going to repeat the call each week until they have found new members.

Contact the SMT via the Glip group 'Join here to contact the Social Media Team'

Sigrid Suski,

SMT Leader