By Alison Meeks on 2017-09-01 14:24 in Social Media Team

In order to continue the work started some weeks ago about improving the promotion of our properties, Mike joins SM team on Monday 21st August and started helping us with copywriting (high priority for Training – training campaign to be launched on Sept. 1/17)

  • Discussion to happen about making the Facebook Group an official channel
  • More posts and more varied posts are shared. Results are good and stats are increasing - improved interactions and shares.
  • Team under reorganisation in order to find the best internal process before looking for a new team contributor.
  • In order to be pro-active, each team lead will be contacted to check their needs and try to improve communication between teams
  • Decision to come about unmaintained Twitter Accounts:
  • Looking at under performing accounts like Pinterest 
  • Coordinate with Sander the Joomlers Twitter Account to be used to improve communication about the VP and share all reports, highlight teams, open roles … (waiting for his answer)
  • 3.8 teasing campaign has started
  • Considering using our Flickr account for JWC and JAB event photos as general repo
  • Thank you Campaign for partners and sponsors on SM - Lukas will submit to Sandra a specific template for the campaign
  • Promotion of non-Joomla events where Joomla will be representing such as, CMS Summit, World Hosting Days, Summer Open Source Sprint, PHP LocaWeb