By Alison Meeks on 2018-01-02 15:18 in Social Media Team

Happy New Year to all! 

The first four months with the Social Media Team (SMT) consisting of Hans, Sandra, and myself, was an eventful one. I fell ill and was hospitalized for many weeks and hurricane Irma came and blew Sandra from St. Marten to France! I would be remiss if I didn't thank profusely everyone, there are so many of you, that helped out during this time. Specificially my #1, Hans, who stepped up to the plate and helped serve up news across our social platforms. 

One of the key goals set out by the Marketing Team during our sprint at JAB17, was to actively thank our sponsors and partners. I'm pleased to report that as of today all have been thanked across all our social channels. 

Another goal from the JAB sprint was to promote our many Joomla properties. Our coverage has much improved but to help us do a better job still, Shirat Goldstein is assisting us with graphics for use for each. (We always need help with social media graphics - inspiration, copywriting and making images 3 sizes for the each post takes time.)

In preparation for Joomla 4, Lili Espinosa is designing a new template for us to use for promoting J4 and going forward when it is launched. 

Because of the way social media has evolved, accounts were created from various members personal accounts. That isn't advisable for maintaining control of the master accounts by the project. I have been getting them moved to social@J so no matter who is in this position, Joomla always has master control of all social media accounts. I have been adding Joomla team members to LinkedIn and if I haven't gotten to you yet please feel free to request the connection. 

Likes and shares make a huge difference in our quest to gain visibility outside of the Joomlaspere. If you see a post you like on any of our platforms, please like and consider sharing it to your circle. It makes a huge difference. 

We are always pleased to share news and events from various parts of the big Joomla world. From news of work in your department, sprints, JDays, JUG meetings. Please share your news in Glip:Contact the Social Media Team. For your events take photos and tag us so we can share them. We love sharing artciles from the Joomla Magazine and would like to encourage more Joomlers to take the time to write an article. 

And onward with the stats! 

LinkedIn - Numbers totalled for all 2017

Impressions 763,716 | Clicks 4,750 | Shares 550 | Total Page Views 6,121 | Followers Gained 1,074 | Followers Total 6,740

Twitter - All 2017

Impressions 4,577,000 | Tweets 520 | New Followers 1,350 | Total Followers 64,099

Instagram - All 2017

Impressions 143,295 | Likes 17,563 | Posts 192 | Followers 1,035 

Facebook Fanpage -  Some numbers 1 mth some 1 year as detailed

Reach (Dec Total) 42,602 | Average first half 2017 4,706 - last half 7,012

Likes (Dec) 766 (2017 | 175,135)

Page Views (Dec) 4,576 | Post Engagements (Dec) 11,081 | Followers (Dec) 806

Post Reach 2017 Average first half 2017 4,500 - last half 6,862

When Fans are online: Time: 8 - 12am with highest percentage 10am EST/GMT-4 

Fans Sun 137,507 | Mon 136,498 | Tue 136,528 | Wed 136,904 | Thurs 138,058 | Fri 138,211 | Sat 137,938

Facebook No Spam Group - Nov/Dec 2017 

Members Total 24,871 | New 609 | Active 10,956

Posts 394 | Comments 2905

Google+ - 30 days

Members Total 36,197 | Community 9,750 | Follows new 4,790

Posts 55 | Views 14,079

For 2017 the SMT has requested a HootSuite membership which will help with post scheduling and freeing up time for interaction with comments on posts, but more importantly, give us easier and more consistant statistics.  

Have a great 2018 and let's rock Joomla!