By Alison Meeks on 2018-06-19 13:46 in Social Media Team

It has been a busy 6 months in the Social Media Team. The SMT meets nearly daily in our Glip group to keep up on what is going on in Joomla and how to best get that information out there. As needed we have micro meeting discussions on various topics or I have one on one meetups with Sandra, Hans, or Davide. 

Also, the SMT works with marketing continuously but specifically implementing the "Be Joomla Loud and Proud" campaign since it's inception and development. 

Since we do a post/s during the business week and often on the weekends we work amoungst ourselves to cover for each other and get our team work done. With our team split on time zones if there is big news to be shared someone is around. 

For 2018 the SMT requested a HootSuite membership to help with many factors. We got it but they changed the team pricing and well... HootSuite if you hear us we would love you as a sponsor/partner as we haven't the budget to do your new team pricing. 

And onward with the stats! 

LinkedIn - Numbers totalled for 2018 to date.

Impressions 402,747 | Clicks 4,750 | Shares 550 | Total Page Views 6,121 | Followers Gained 1,424 | Followers Total 8,281 

Twitter - 2018

Impressions 2,439,000 | Tweets 310 | New Followers -64 | Total Followers 64,071

Instagram - 2018

Impressions 61,006 | Likes 4,543 | Posts 69 | Followers 2,044 

Facebook Fanpage -  2018

Likes  174,123   Followers 168,930

Page Views (May/June) 4,143 | Post Engagements  7,017 | Followers 662

Post Reach Average 25,703

When Fans are online: Time: 9am - 12pm EST/GMT-4 

Fans Wed/Thursday top traffic days while Monday being worst including weekends. 

Facebook No Spam Group - 2018

Members Total 25,328 | New 460 | Active 13,613

Posts 1,388 | Comments 13,465 | Reactions 15,927

Google+ - 30 days

Members Total 35,799 | Community 9,688 | Follows new 4,790

Posts 27 | Views 30,380

Pinterest Avg monthly viewers 2,659 

The SMT has been actively trying to share JUG/JDay photos and activites from our communities. Please tag us #Joomla on social with your photos and event stories and set your sharing to public. 

If you have news for us to share please contact us in Glip on the Contact the Social Media Team chat. Remember to give us your message, any hash tags you are using as well as relevant URL's. 

Always we ask you to interact, share, comment, like and make some noise out there! Thank you to everyone who does!