By Niels Braczek on 2020-08-05 00:00 in Software Architecture & Strategy Team


  1. What has happened with the project management evaluation? - There has been a decision made by the production department that GitHub will be used to manage/tracking internal tasks/issues.

  2. Has there been any template teams decisions made? - This is a very large ongoing decisions in multiple groups that Marco is involved in as an observer/advisor, and we are waiting on feedback in production department.

  3. Joomla 3 where do we draw the line, why can't we still improve beyond bug fixes? - We should bring this topic up in the next production meeting, and use the list and date field as examples.

  4. What must happen next with the RFC-RFC's? - This should be brought to a motion (vote) in the next production meeting by Niels.

  5. How will the other departments get project management established? - We should help inform the other teams to setup private project management repos on GitHub. They should be directed to speak to Marco.

  6. When a pull request has two tester (approvals), it must be merged. So the Copyright-PR: Ready for more than 3 weeks must just be merged. Bring this up with resolve in the next production meeting. Since Tobias and Llewellyn have already approved it.