By Niels Braczek on 2020-11-26 01:00 in Software Architecture & Strategy Team

Attendees: Marco, Llewellyn, Marianela, Niels


  1. JCB enlarges fields in the #__asset table to allow finer permissions (longer strings).

    Advice: Production should re-visit

  2. Volunteers Portal: Which skills are needed for the different positions? We should provide a list of skills linked to (affiliate) places, where people can learn those skills.

    Advice: VET should provide a (MarkDown) template for that and provide a list of possible tutorial sources.

  3. Discuss incentives for companies devoting time for Joomla in VET - a nice idea in principle, but we don't have sufficient financial power.

    Advice: Can VET think of other than monetary incentives?

  4. Marianela asks for feedback on the 2021 Joomla brochure.