By Niels Braczek on 2020-12-23 23:00 in Software Architecture & Strategy Team

Attendees: Niels, Llewellyn

GSoC list -

  1. Cron/Workflow: Separate "Poor Man's Cron" from the workflow. While the workflow benefits greatly from Cron support, it is not dependent on it. From an architectural point of view, Cron only provides events that the workflow can react to.
    A cron feature in Joomla should be a UI for cron control of the underlying OS, providing a fallback for insufficient hosts based on requests (Poor Man's Cron).
    So, actually, Project 1 and Project 4 cannot be considered as different projects.

  2. Feature Enhancements

    - Cookie Management -
    This could become a problem. Who will maintain the descriptions of all possible external providers? A more detailed concept is needed here to make any recommendations.

    - Improve * - These points would have benefited greatly from the UX-RFC, which unfortunately did not come to a vote at the last production meeting.

    - Media Manager Filter - This should be implemented as a collection of filters / actions that know which file types they can handle. Depending on a particular file, a sub-collection with suitable actions can then be provided, for example as a context menu.

    - Accessibility - This is a sub-section uf Usability and too would have benefited from the UX-RFC.

    - Frontend Inline Editing - Take a look at the Aloha editor, which (probably) provides everything needed.