By Harald Leithner on 2024-04-22 16:41 in Software Architecture & Strategy Team

Attendees: Llewellyn van der Merwe, Niels Braczek, Herman Peeren, Harald Leithner

Unified Content Model

We discussed the Unified Content Model of Joomla and whether it makes sense to get rid of it and what needs to be done. The main conclusion is that the UCM concept is not bad in itself, but the implementation in Joomla was never completed. Currently, only the tags component uses the UCM framework and needs to be rewritten before UCM can be removed.

As part of the UCM discussion, we addressed the contenttype table and how context and similar aspects work in Joomla.

Manual Update

Herman presented his work and ideas to extend the Joomla manual. Hopefully, we will see a couple of pull requests in the next few weeks on


We had discussions about deprecations in Joomla and why some should be postponed to 7.0. Additionally, we concluded that the reasons for deprecations are not well documented. Our plan to address this issue is to cluster/group deprecations together into categories and describe the reasons why it makes sense to remove the code and what the benefits are.

For the next meeting, it's planned to work on the deprecation documentation together.