By Sander Potjer on 2015-08-19 00:00 in Structure Team

Present: Sarah, Ronni, Sander, Marijke, George
Missing: Alice, Chris, Pete

The call for the Transition Team nominees closed on July 31. We have received a total of 18 nominations, for 10 unique persons. Thanks to all that send in nominations.

The Stucture Team debated and updated the Transition Team process. Our next actions are:

Transition Team Nominees

  1. Confirm all nominees by mailing them info Friday the 21st August.
  2. Ask the nominees to fill out a 10 line motivation and a picture for why they should be elected by the Friday the 28th august.
  3. Setup election for leadership to vote on the community members
  4. OSM, CLT and PLT elects 1 person to join each internally
  5. Transition team is set and made public

Vote Counters:

  1. Confirm the voting counters
  2. Make public who is the vote counters on the public mailing list

The meeting is adjourned and next meeting planned for August 30th.