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Present: Sarah, Ronni, Sander, Marijke

Missing: Alice, Chris, Pete, George


Out of the 10 nominees that where asked to confirm their interest in being part of the Transition Team 9 responded positively.

The Stucture Team has prepared the required information and documentation for the vote in Leadership on which 6 members out of the 9 candidates that will be elected for the Transition Team.

Once the Leadership Teams has elected the 6 Transition Team members from the community the 3 LT's will elect 1 member each for the Transition Team and the Team will begin its work to implement the new structures.



  • The vote in Leadership will be started on the 1st of September and finished the 7th of September.
  • The results will be communicated directly to the Candidates hereafter and then the results will be made public on the 10th of September on the Leadership Blog.
  • From the 10th of September to the 17th of September the 3 LT's (CLT, PLT & OSM) will elect 1 member each to join the Transition Team.
  • On the 20th of September the final Transition Team members will be made public on the Leadership Blog.
  • Between the 20th of September and the 1st of October the Transition Team has an initial handover meeting with the Structure team.
  • On the 1st of October the new Transition Team will officially take over from the Structure Team and implement the new structure.


Edit: Adjusted the candidate count.


For reference here is a copy of the mail as it will be sent to the Leadership Teams private mailing list for the vote (all votes involving persons are on private mailing lists as well as information about all candidates due to consideration to people not elected):


Transition Team Vote


The call for the Transition Team nominees closed on July 31. We have received a total of 18 nominations, for 10 unique persons. 9 of them confirmed and accepted the nomination within the given deadline.


Voting details

This vote will be conducted using the same voting process that was used for the structure vote, with all three leadership teams voting. In order to have a valid vote on the candidates, at least 50% +1 (= 14) need to cast their votes on the candidates within the given time frame.


Please read carefully on how to vote, and follow the steps in best practices. If for some reason your votes shows an error, you will be contacted by the secretary. You will have only one chance to re-vote in that case, provided it can be done within the given timeframe.



If for any reason you are not able to cast your vote in the given time frame, please consider to proxy your vote. The form includes a field where a proxy can be filled in.


Voting Leadership members are:


CLT: (6 voters)

  • Guillermo Bravo

  • Peter Bui

  • Ruth Cheesley

  • Alice Grevet

  • David Jardin

  • Sander Potjer


PLT: (11 voters)

  • Roland Dalmulder

  • Chris Davenport

  • Robert Deutz

  • Marco Dings

  • Jessica Dunbar

  • Javier Gomez

  • Thomas Hunziker

  • Tom Hutchison

  • Tessa Mero

  • Viktor Vogel

  • George Wilson


OSM: (10 voters)

  • Martijn Boomsma

  • Ronni Christiansen

  • Victor Drover

  • Jorge Lopez-Bachiller Fernandez

  • Rod Martin

  • Ryan Ozimek

  • Saurabh Shah

  • Joe Sonne

  • Marijke Stuivenberg

  • Sarah Watz


Total voters = 27


In the voting form all 9 eligible Candidates for the Transition are listed alphabetically and can be voted on.


Votes are as follows:


Yes - You are in favor of electing this Candidate as a member of the Transition Team

No - You are not in favor of electing this Candidate as member of the Transition Team

Abstain - You abstain from voting for this Candidate


Every candidate needs a majority of the votes in favor of the total voting Leadership Team Members, either present or by proxy.


Up to 6 Candidates can be elected, so you may vote in favor of up to 6 Candidates, but you may also vote for less than 6 Candidates. You may not vote in favor of more than 6 Candidates.


In case there are more than 6 Candidates receiving the required majority, the number of votes in favor will determine the ranking. In the event that the last positions are a draw, additional ranking by the voting members will determine.


If you are in favor of electing a Candidate as a member of the Transition Team please indicate a ranking along for this Candidate. Ranking should be given from 1 to the candidate you prefer the most down to 6 and you may only use the same rank one time. It will be used in the event of a draw. If you vote "No" or "Abstain" you don't need to rank the Candidate and can skip that field.


Best practices:
1. Read the document with all the details of the Candidates

2. Create a list on how you want to vote on the candidates

3. Create a ranking list from 1 - 6 (or less) for the Candidates you want to vote on in favor

4. Go to the election form and cast your vote


The two appointed vote counters are Jacques Rentzke and Dianne Henning. They will assist in counting the votes together with Marijke Stuivenberg (as the Secretary of the board) to make sure everything is fair. Marijke will cast her vote before this email is sent out, so before any other LT members to assure that her vote does not influence the outcome. This will be confirmed by the the two appointed vote counters Jacques and Dianne.


CLT, PLT and the board of directors, elects 1 person each internally to join the transition team. The result of that election should be submitted to the Structure Team no later than September 17th, 2015.


Vote on Transition Team Members

Now it’s time to vote on the members of the Transition Team by using the form no later than September 7th, 2015.


Read the document with the details of the nominees with a presentation by the persons that nominated the nominee to the Transition Team as well as the nominees own motivation. (link removed)


Find the Vote form here (link removed)

Best regards


Structure Team