By Private Profile 21c8705f on 2014-12-03 22:13 in Structure Team

Present: Sarah Watz, Marijke Stuivenberg, Sander Potjer, Peter Bui, Alice Grevet

PLT departures - it’s term renewal time. The new people joining need to understand the structure discussion - they can be brought up to speed in a meeting once they join the team.

We need fresh eyes to read our material to see if it is clear to those not involved in the process. To clarify the change needed, and how and why it can be implemented. Review the proposal we have based on feedback. Need to align the feedback with the proposal to see where it all fits. With all the comments right now it’s not so clear. Comments in blog posts too. Publish a document with links to all of the conversations happening. List the things we heard the most - for example “what is the why behind this structure change?” and “The work for a dept coordinator will be too much for one person” - collect these frequent questions/comments and list them/present them.

OSM within leadership or outside of it - explain the why. Explain why we say no to certain initiatives - the thought process behind it.

All 3 proposals presented in Cancun agree that we need a change.

How to present it? Slides with document for more details? Or storytelling? What do people need to see? They need to see how our structure works now and how it will work in the future. The 3 teams do not work in an identical fashion. Explain it to the marketing team. If they can understand it then it can be communicated to the community.

Marijke will share process for OSM, Peter has started a document on CLT.

Alice will start a document to list all the info from blogs that have been written on this topic. Team members will add to it. Be able to discuss it in our next meeting next week. Share a doc with the group so people can add to it. Many questions may have already been answered in other discussions/presentations - put them in this document. Add proposals - big things we might want to change to the document for discussion on the 9th. What might we want to change? Address question of non-English speaking communities feeling excluded from the proposal.

By December 21st we need to have a text to go to the translators.

Peter Bui shared his blog post draft about the current status of the process for the team to review and add input.