By Private Profile 21c8705f on 2014-12-11 00:00 in Structure Team

Present: Peter Bui, Ronni Christiansen, Alice Grevet, Sander Potjer, Marijke Stuivenberg, Sarah Watz

The team reviewed the feedback list which was started a week ago, to see what needs emphasizing, clarification or change, and also to determine if there are any additions to be made. The list covers the major points raised in comments and blogs, etc. Time was spent comparing the team's proposal with the proposals presented at JWC.

Specifically discussed were: the role of an omsbudsman, internationalization, the definition of Department Coordinators, the formation and removal of teams & subteams, the choice of what to call the different roles and levels in a new structure, and the role/placement of the Board of Directors.

Two action items for the coming week include:

  • continue adding to the feedback list to add more detail where needed for sharing with the marketing team

  • start a new document that will condense the three documents previously shared with the working groups, incorporating the changes from the feedback list. The purpose is to produce a clear, concise document to be sent to translation teams for public release.

In addition to the document to be prepared for the translation teams, a very detailed, longer document will be prepared to provide the proposal with a strong foundation.