By Private Profile 21c8705f on 2014-12-20 00:00 in Structure Team

Present: Peter Bui, Ronni Christiansen, Alice Grevet, Sander Potjer, Marijke Stuivenberg, Sarah Watz

The team worked on a new document that combines the proposal, its structure and process with the working group feedback. The different levels of the proposed structure are being clarified, and internationalization has been included. The role of an ombudsman and advisory board continues to be defined, to be included as a separate but essential resource for the new structure.

Other issues being addressed include the distribution of responsibiities and workload, terminology, and the role/placement of the Board of Directors. Detail is being added to explain why change is needed, and the thought process behind the different aspects of the proposal.

With the holidays coming up a little more time is needed revising the proposal before sharing it with the Marketing Team for clarity of the message, and then the translators. The timeframe now is to hand the document to the Marketing Team by December 25, and to the translators by January 7, maintaining the current target date of January 12 for publication to the community in multi-languages for the next phase of feedback:

  • January 12: Publish the revised Joomla structure proposal in multiple languages

  • January 12 - February 8: Public discussion and feedback from the community as a whole.

  • February 9 - February 22: Leadership team members discuss feedback from the community, and if necessary make additional revisions to proposal.

  • February 23 - March 1:Leadership team members vote on the proposed Joomla structure.

  • March 2: Publish a blog with the results of vote and the next steps.