By Private Profile 21c8705f on 2015-04-16 19:17 in Structure Team

Present: Alice Grevet, Sander Potjer, Marijke Stuivenberg, Sarah Watz

Community feedback from the forum thread was discussed, covering: the role of the Local Communities Department, developer/production representation on the proposed Board of Directors, the process and the input that has gone into the current proposal, the role of the ombudsman, and the voting process that will take place to accept or reject this proposal.

The team spent time working to provide responses to questions that are still open in the forum thread.

Marijke will start an email on the public leadership list about the final voting process.

The team will meet next on April 22nd. There are no new changes to the timeline:

  • March 24 - April 21: Public discussion and feedback from the community as a whole
  • April 21 -  April 26 : Structure Team to discuss feedback from the community, and if necessary make additional revisions to proposal.
  • April 26 - May 3: Leadership team members discuss the final proposal.
  • May 4 - May 11: Leadership team members vote on the proposed Joomla structure.
  • May 12: Publish a blog with the results of vote and the next steps.