By Private Profile 21c8705f on 2015-04-24 07:45 in Structure Team

Present: Peter Bui, Ronni Christiansen, Alice Grevet, Sander Potjer, Marijke Stuivenberg, Sarah Watz

The team spent time discussing the community feedback phase of the proposal, and sharing impressions about it. Some good information was shared. In the end it is not a large number of people commenting. The forum does not seem to be the best way to involve the broader community in a conversation - there is a sense that the frequently unfriendly debate culture discourages participation from community members and leadershp alike.

Only one privately sent comment was received by the team, which contained no useful feedback.

The team discussed the questions, concerns and suggestions raised in the forum, and things that should be added, changed or clarified in the proposal. Some areas will not be defined in detail. They will be areas that other contributors can work on to elaborate and get community feedback on, further down the road. The proposal, if it passes, will put in place a voting process, which will enable those next phases to move forward. This will allow a wider participation in the final details of the structure.

The team also discussed the transition process, which can take place in stages.

In the next steps, the Structural Team will work to:

  1. Define areas that are lacking final details/changes and complete them
  2. Define where sub teams are needed to finalize aspects of the proposal and open it up to the leadership teams to volunteer to join and work on those items.
  3. Define the overall transition process and include LT's on the specifics
  4. Propose implementation in phases over the transition period
  5. Give the existing LT's the role of mentors in the transition


  • April 21 -  April 26 : Structure Team to discuss feedback from the community, and if necessary make additional revisions to proposal.
  • April 26 - May 3: Leadership team members discuss the final proposal.
  • May 4 - May 11: Leadership team members vote on the proposed Joomla structure.
  • May 12: Publish a blog with the results of vote and the next steps.