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Date: 01 July 2021 – 07 July 2021

Location: Ring Central.

  • Title: This is the Weekly Progress report of the Project ‘Guided Tour’ which is part of Soc 2021.

Discussion Outline\ Activities Done in the week:

  • Discussed the ideal roadmap for the upcoming weeks of SoC 2021. 
  • Discussed the Structure for the ‘Guided tour’ Component, and also what changes Should be done in order to make the component/ Project User friendly. 
  • Discussed the basic structure of the MVC Component and discussed how the MVC component works on the meet with Mentor. 
  • Admin- Students meet held on G-Meet with mentors Benjamin Trenkle and Shivam Rajput. The agenda of the meet was to introduce the Joomla to the selected students. Also, discussed the what are the expectations and what should be the standard of the Project expected in Joomla. 
  • And in the end, started working on the first step of the ‘Guided tour’ Component.

Tasks Completed in the week:

  • Setup the Joomla- CMS environment on my Local Machine.
  • Added Joomla Code Style(phpcs) in the environment. 
  • Build the basic MVC Component for the base structure of the ‘Guided tour’ Component. 
  • Added Base SQL, Controller, Model, and View files and Folder in the component. 
  • Successfully build basic Joomla 4 component with Joomla Coding Style which shows the code in the tmpl folder.

Pull request: (