By Private Profile 24342d0d on 2021-07-19 06:55 in Summer 2021 Guided Tour

Tasks Completed: 

·       Implement the list view MVC for Guided tours:

The list view (ToursView) was the first part of the development process that was apparent in the Joomla! Administrator frontend. One of the major learning curves in getting started with this was setting up a debugging workflow and similar Component and getting familiar with the control flows within Joomla! In this process, I had great support from my mentor Benjamin Trenkle, who was clear that he would be there for any help to speed up the process. With that, I implemented what is now the default view of the component.

Added the Joomla Toolbar which does the tasks like Searching, Filtering options based on the status and sorting a field which sort the list based on various aspects like ID, Status, and Title.

·        Implement the Add/Edit Guided tours MVC:

Implemented the basic Edit view of the Tour and Step form, added tabs like Description, Publish, and Permissions, and connected these fields with the database.

·        Design database tables:

               Implemented the database which can store the data for a particular tour and Steps of the respected tours. Implemented just a basic structure that can be modified according to requirements of the component and tours.

·        Layout the component boilerplate:

            As the initial database design phase came to a close, the next step was to lay out the boilerplate files and code for the component. This included the manifest, the configuration, language and other files as well as the MVC classes for initially the TourView and ToursView and later the StepView and StepsView.

·        Improved the code style of the code:

The major one thing I learned in this week is importance of the code style, and how to implement the proper code style with breaking the previous structure and which can help the other developers in the future. Used the PHPCS and Joomla Code Sniffer to make the things easy.

·        Done the changes to make the Component System Component:

The main idea was after installing the Joomla, the component should Auto install without installing manually, so done the related changed in the #__extensions file, and changes little code of some SQL files.




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