By Private Profile 24342d0d on 2021-07-26 10:40 in Summer 2021 Guided Tour

Tasks Completed:


        Completed the Management Area (Guided tours MVC Component) for Guided tours plugin.

So, finally in this week the work of the managing area is done. Now users or third-party developers can add, edit or delete the Tours and Steps on their choice.


        Started working on Guided tours Plugin:

        After completion of the managing area which is component in this case the next part of the Project is to make the plugin to support the tours. Basically, the work of the plugin will be to fetch the data from the database of the tours and Steps of the tours and to send it to the Shepherd JS library.

        Made the dropdown for Guided tours:

Added the functionality in the plugin code that after the activation of the plugin the dropdown will appear in the toolbar, which will show the list of all guided tours.

        Improved the code style of the code:


The major one thing I learned in this week is importance of the code style, and how to implement the proper code style with breaking the previous structure and which can help the other developers in the future. Used the PHPCS and Joomla Code Sniffer to make the things easy.

        Done the changes to make the Component System Component:

The main idea was after installing the Joomla, the component should Auto install without installing manually, so done the related changed in the #__extensions file, and changes little code of some SQL files.





Links for the Repository and Relevant Pull Request(s):

Project Repository:


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