By Private Profile 24342d0d on 2021-08-06 09:30 in Summer 2021 Guided Tour

Tasks Completed:


        Completed the integrations of Guided Tour Steps with the Tour in the JSON format.

        Almost finished with the all the Primary work of Tour Plugin file.

        In JS file of the Plugin added the functionality to retrieve the data from the PHP file of the Model in the JSON format, and to merge the data to pass it to the Shepherd Standard code.

        Done the Merging of the Tours data and Steps data in such a way that, based on the tour_id  it will merge the Steps JSON data to the Tours as a child of the Tours in linear time.

        Currently working on Extension selector functionality, which will allow user to display the tours only in the Particular area of their selection.

        Improved the code style of the code:


The major one thing I learned in this week is importance of the code style, and how to implement the proper code style with breaking the previous structure and which can help the other developers in the future. Used the PHPCS and Joomla Code Sniffer to make the things easy.

        Added the XML form field for Selection Input

The main task here was to pass the data to the model as it was in the array format, so user the array_encode in the implementation, which made the task simple.





Guided Tour Demonstration Video (currently in development phase):

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