By Private Profile 24342d0d on 2021-08-23 17:02 in Summer 2021 Guided Tour

Tasks Completed/ Activities Done:

·       Done some changes in form fields of Tour and Step.

·       Removed unnecessary fields which wasn’t of any use and added different fields in the form field.

·       Done some cleaning in Guided Tour Component and Guided Tour Plugin like removed the default values which were not needed.

·        Implemented the algorithms which will redirect the Tour if user select `all` in plugin selector and the user is on different page from the starting page of the Tour. So, it will redirect it to that page, and will start the Tour from that part.

·       Student- Admin meet was held for a week, where the agenda of the meet was to overcome the issues related project.

·       Talked about the Project in Joomla Event.

Guided Tour Demonstration Video (currently in development phase):

Links for the Repository and Relevant Pull Request(s):

Project Repository:


Pull Request: